This blog feeds the shadow side of me... This is where I can pursue and admire the beautiful things in life... I live a fundamental life with all the trappings of what is good and right, but it is here, I breathe...give oxygen to the side of me that seethes. I love beauty wherever it may be found. My oldest daughter once said to me, "Dad...there is beauty in everyone!" She is wise. I try to look for that in everyone, and attempt to show that here. Woman is the most gorgeous creation on Earth, in my opinion...whatever her age, shape, or size ...her allure is unquenchable. I hope you see that here, and love what I see.

I borrowed this disclaimer from I trust she will not mind, after all, imitation IS flattery.
Images and quotes do not belong to me unless otherwise stated. They are found via the Internet with the intent that they are public domain. Should anything be posted in breech of this, please contact me and without hesitation it will be removed with all due respect.